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  • Can I nominate someone else?
    No, one can only nominate themselves or their company/firm. Our nomination forms require detailed information, and one must include everything that helps them to make a strong presence in front of the Jury.
  • What is the selection process?
    All the nominations/applications are carefully reviewed by the selection committee to qualify the finalists in each category. There will be only 10 Finalists in each category and one of them will be selected as a Winner based on a second review of our esteemed jury members.
  • Why there is a fee for a Finalist to attend the event?
    The fee is not for being a Finalist or a Winner, however, the fee of $500 is only to attend the conference which is same for any other delegate. This fee is charged to cover the expenses associated with organizing the event, award ceremony and F&B for all attendees.
  • Why do I have to attend the conference as a Finalist?
    We bring together legal professionals and celebrate the success and excellence by rewarding them with Lex-Falcon Awards. This is a conference and gala networking event that typically involves multi-nation participants and bringing Winners and Finalists to the event is the only value we derive.
  • What are the parameters/qualifying criteria?
    The major criteria’s are: Education Qualification Years of experience Extensive Reach Influence on the Industry Embracing Innovation Market Landscape Future Adaptability The Jury may also look at some other aspects such as your recent success, colleagues and client’s feedback and information available on different portals and platforms for legal professionals.
  • Can I speak at the conference?
    Speaking is an additional service that you can add to your participation.
  • Can I nominate my company/team/firm?
    Yes, you can nominate your company/team/firm using the same form here:
  • How is travel and accommodation taken care of?
    Travel and accommodation is taken care by the Finalists. We have a concierge desk who can help you with best deals on hotels and flights if you would like to make bookings through us.
  • Is my award guaranteed/what are the chances of me getting selected?
    An award is never guaranteed as it depends on several factors such as nominations received for a category, how detailed the nomination is filled, qualifying committee’s review, Jury’s review etc. hence we suggest making a best effort while filling the nomination and take help from a nomination expert if you’re not sure about something.
  • Where did you find me/Why me?
    We usually do a lot of research through various online and offline platforms to find suitable candidates for this award. Since the nomination is free it’s easy to file your nomination and see how it goes.
  • Who is in the Jury?
    Our Jury members are usually people with great amount of experience in the field of law. It may include people from our awards committee, speakers or supporting associations.
  • What is the nomination vs selection ratio?
    Usually we see 1:5 ratio i.e. if 50 people file nomination for a category, 10 are selected as finalist and one of them becomes a Winner.
  • What is the delegate registration fee?
    Anyone who is interested in attending a LexTalk World Conference as a Delegate can register on our official website ( for a delegate pass for a fee of $400. This pass includes full access to the conference and exhibition with F&B and networking zone.
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